VAC UK are experts in vacuum excavation and currently manage the largest fleet of advanced Dino and ESE excavators throughout the entirety of the UK, having recently invested over £15 million in our equipment.

Our professional operators are able to facilitate your project in a safe and appropriate manner, whether you’re simply excavating underground utilities or planning a full-scale construction, we’ve got the team for you. Our work is always carried out efficiently, to time and within the agreed budget. 

VAC UK  is in operation seven days a week and 24 hours a day.


    Vacuum excavation, also referred to as suction excavation, is the safest, most environmentally friendly and cost-effective method when carrying out an excavation.

    A vacuum excavator vehicle efficiently extracts the loose matter and materials from around underground utilities within an excavation site, significantly reducing the risk of damage to both surrounding structures and utilities close by.




    • Tunneling
    • The positioning of pipelines and trenches
    • Installation of new utilities and working around previously installed utilities
    • The transfer and disposal of waste 
    • The restoration of infrastructure
    • The preservation of tree roots
    • Emergency services
    • Recovery from a natural disaster


    Map of areas within Sheffield that Vac UK service. Sheffield Vacuum Excavation

    If you can't find your location, don't worry. We cover the whole of Sheffield, the surrounding areas and the UK!


    Sheffield is the 4th largest city in England and in recent years, the city has expanded in both infrastructure and population density to account for the two multi-campus universities that the city houses. To accommodate and streamline the transport options available for its ever-growing population, a tram system that covers both Sheffield and Rotheram has been implemented, with over 50 stations. Ensuring that works do not affect the day to day operation of the city, including disruption of traffic from trams, buses and cars, it is crucial that projects are completed as efficiently as possible.

    With the precise and efficient nature of vacuum excavation, this method is guaranteed to prevent extended periods of time and money spent on the site, helping to minimise the disruption caused.


    • Far more efficient than other traditional methods such as manual labour
    • Time spent from project start to completion is vastly reduced
    • The workload of staff on site is greatly reduced
    • The materials and debris on site are easily extracted, regardless of consistency 
    • VAC UK’s excavators can be employed immediately
    • A vacuum excavator requires a third of the space needed for a mini digger
    • Sites are cleaner and more compact, reducing the amount of waste ad disruption created
    • Stand-alone machine operation
    • Combine with soil engineering equipment impact moles keyhole liquid soil


    In major cities like Sheffield, it is more than likely that an underground cable or utility is liable to be struck, especially when compared with less densely populated areas. When operating in larger cities such as this, that are expanding and ever-changing, striking a utility could incur an increased amount of damage to surrounding infrastructure and potential passers-by, and a large bill to come with it.

    Not only do vacuum excavators considerably reduce the damage to the environment and the infrastructure on-site, they also can be operated from a safe distance, ensuring that the onsite team aren’t at risk of being put in a dangerous position.




    • Machinery does not need to be handled manually
    • Damage to utilities is vastly reduced through the use of p.e. pipe extension tubes 
    • Operators and the vacuum excavator are insulated by extension tubes, which is especially practical in hazardous situations
    • Damage to utilities and infrastructure is decreased by over 60% when compared to traditional methods


    In major cities like Sheffield, decreasing your carbon footprint is a compulsory requirement for the local government. Sheffield has created an Air Quality Action Plan that the Sheffield City Council has been working towards since 2010 and has recently been updated in 2015. In 2019, a £50 million grant was requested to help replace the engines in vehicles such as taxis, vans and HGVs and plans towards the creation of a new Clean Air Zone have alluded to its launch in early 2021. 

    Sheffield’s Clean Air Zone:

    • Operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Pollution charges will be issued to those who do not have ultra-low emission vehicles and the prices are dependent on vehicle type and size
    • Electric, petrol-hybrid, hydrogen or liquid petroleum gas-powered engines will be allowed to enter the zone. For larger vehicles, such as buses and HGV’s, engines will need to be electric or the cleanest standard of diesel

    To ensure that your project is in keeping with these new initiatives, our excavators can provide you with a more environmentally friendly alternative. Suction excavation considerably reduces your carbon footprint because there is less need for numerous vehicles and personnel to be present on site.

    Our equipment provides the perfect solution for those who have a vested interest in preserving their green credentials or minimising their environmental impact. 

    Suction excavation has many environmental benefits:  

    • The damage to and restoration of tree roots is significantly improved when excess soil and shrubbery is removed
    • Fewer lorries are needed on-site, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint
    • The time-efficient grab load, not only minimises third party damage but also contributes to a reduction in traffic
    • Sites are up to a third smaller when compared with traditional methods 
    • Pedestrian access and traffic flow are facilitated through reduced site sizes
    • Allocated waste sections ensure that sites are cleaner


    Environmental impact


    At VAC UK our expert operators are professionally trained and have experience dealing with all types of excavation. This ensures that no matter your project or requirements, we will be more than happy to help. 

    If you’re looking to hire a vacuum excavator in Sheffield, then VAC UK have the team for you. To discuss your requirements or to book the use of one of our excavators then please get in touch today to arrange a call-back with one of our team members. Alternatively, you can contact us at info@vacukltd.co.uk or give us a call on 0800 193 0062.


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