Having recently employed around £15 million in top-of-the-line machinery and equipment, VAC UK conducts the most advanced fleet of Dino and ESE excavators in the UK.

Our expert engineers will manage your project and its requirements in a professional manner, ensuring the safety of your team throughout, from the excavation of underground utilities to the preparation and conduction of a full-scale construction, VAC UK has the team for you. The execution of our projects are seamless and streamlined, providing you with efficiency, timeliness and peace of mind. 

VAC UK  is in operation seven days a week and 24 hours a day.


    Vacuum excavation, also introduced as suction excavation, is a method of excavation that not only extracts the materials from the site but also focuses on the safety of the staff, ensures the protection of natural surroundings and habitats, contributes to the reduction of harmful gases and bi-products and is very cost-effective. 

    A vacuum excavator vehicle is employed into an opening beneath the surface of an excavation site and suctions up any loose materials or debris, without causing damage to the underground utilities or surrounding infrastructure present.




    • The creation of tunnels
    • The installation of pipelines and trenches
    • The installation and management of utilities
    • The transfer and disposal of waste materials
    • The restoration of infrastructure
    • The preservation of tree roots
    • Emergency services
    • Recovery after a natural disaster


    Map of areas within Scotland that Vac UK service. Scotland Vacuum Excavation

    If you can't find your location, don't worry. We cover the whole of Scotland, the surrounding areas and the UK!


    Edinburgh has been labelled with the title, the UK’s Capital of Congestion after recent reports found the city to be one of the most congested in the entire UK. Every year, on average, drivers have spent over a week stuck in traffic, losing £1,219.  

    In 2005, a bid to introduce a congestion charge in Edinburgh was overturned. In recent years, local authorities have considered exploring this option to help reduce pollution levels and have also closed several streets within the city centre to vehicle traffic.   

    It is crucial to ensure the daily operation of cities like these are not interfered with and that we do not contribute to increased congestion. That is why at VAC UK, our projects are carried out as efficiently as possible. Vacuum excavation is a highly effective method that is precise and efficient in its operation, guaranteed to reduce both the expenditure of time and money on-site and contributes to the overall reduction in disruption to on-foot and vehicle traffic during an excavation.


    • Traditional methods, such as manual digging are less efficient and effective than vacuum excavation
    • Time spent on the site unnecessarily is diminished
    • The workload of staff on-site is significantly reduced
    • Materials excavated are easily extracted and removed, regardless of their consistency 
    • Immediate employment with a VAC UK excavator is guaranteed
    • When compared to the use of a mini digger, an excavator vehicle requires a third of the space
    • Waste and disruption are reduced due to allocated areas for tipping, resulting in cleaner and more compact sites
    • Stand-alone machine operation
    • Combine with soil engineering equipment impact moles keyhole liquid soil


    In cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, the possibility of striking an underground utility or causing damage to surrounding infrastructure is significantly heightened when compared to cities of a smaller size. Due to the elevation in population and infrastructure density, a larger cost could be incurred if an engineer were to strike, and could even result in harm caused to nearby pedestrians.

    One of the main benefits of employing a vacuum excavator vehicle is that it can be operated from a considerable distance, ensuring the safety of the team onsite, reducing the need for personnel to be put into hazardous positions, and protecting pedestrians. 




    • Machinery does not need to be manually handled
    • The use of p.e. pipe extension tubes greatly reduces damage to utilities 
    • Both the operators and machinery are insulated by extension tubes, which can be advantageous in hazardous situations
    • When compared with more traditional methods, vacuum excavation contributes to a 60% decrease in damage to utilities and infrastructure


    Both Edinburgh and Glasgow are two of the most polluted areas in the entirety of Scotland, with Glasgow’s Hope Street pollution levels reaching over 50% higher than the legal limit. The pollution levels within Scotland are thought to cause over 2,500 early deaths. To combat this, the Scottish government released a Cleaner Air For Scotland action plan in 2015 and rallied alongside the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SERPA) to start reducing these increased levels.

    A Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) was first introduced in Glasgow in 2018 with another being implemented in Edinburgh and two more that were set to be executed in Aberdeen and Dundee during the course of 2020, prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.

    A few key aspects of the LEZs include:

    • Vehicles that do not meet the requirements for emission standards are not able to enter an LEZ and will be charged otherwise
    • A restriction on buses and HGVs from entering these zones

    Aberdeen’s city council is also set to take over the city’s First bus service to provide the public with an affordable and reliable form of public transport, in the hope of reducing the use of private cars, in turn contributing to the reduction in pollution levels. 

    Our equipment and specially designed vehicles provide you with a more environmentally friendly method, decreasing your contribution to pollution levels and building upon the initiatives mentioned above. The employment of suction excavation ensures that your project will no longer require the need for multiple vehicles and personnel to be present on-site, considerably reducing the overall carbon footprint of your project.

    VAC UK provides the perfect solution for those who have a vested interest in safeguarding their green credentials and those who are looking to reduce their impact on the environment. 

    Suction excavation has many environmental benefits:  

    • The damage to and restoration of tree roots is significantly improved when excess soil and shrubbery has been removed
    • Fewer lorries are required on-site, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of your project
    • Third-party damage and disruption to traffic is greatly reduced through the time-efficient grab load of an excavator vehicle
    • The size of an excavation site can be up to a third smaller, when compared with traditional methods 
    • Reduced site size facilitates pedestrian access and the flow of traffic
    • Allocated sections for waste tipping ensure sites are cleaner


    Environmental impact


    At VAC UK our professionally trained operators will be more than happy to manage your project and have experience dealing with all types of excavation. This means that no matter the requirement, our team has the experience and expertise to help. 

    If you’re looking to hire a vacuum excavator vehicle in Scotland, then VAC UK are here to help. To book the use of one of our excavators or simply discuss the requirements of your project, please get in touch today to arrange a call-back with one of our team members. Alternatively, you can contact us at info@vacukltd.co.uk or give us a call on 0800 193 0062.


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