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    Vacuum excavation, also known as suction excavation, is a safer and a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of excavation.

    A vacuum excavator vehicle removes the natural materials and rubble from beneath the surface of an excavation site. The materials are removed quickly and the risk of damage to utilities and surrounding infrastructures is vastly reduced through the use of these vehicles. 




    • Tunnel building
    • Pipeline and trench installation
    • Installation of new utilities and working around established ones below the ground
    • Transfer and disposal of waste
    • Renovation of infrastructure
    • Tree root renovation
    • Emergency services
    • Disasters


    Map of areas within Manchester that Vac UK service. Manchester Vacuum Excavation

    If you can't find your location, don't worry. We cover the whole of Manchester, the surrounding areas and the UK!


    Vacuum excavation is a much less invasive method of excavation and eliminates the risk of damage to underground facilities, such as pipes and electric cables. Other traditional methods such as backhoes, hand tools and mechanical digging are at a greater risk of causing damage.

    This method is much more cost-effective and reduces the degree of surface restoration needed, providing a higher level of precision for your project. 

    The table on the right illustrates the difference between manual digging and vacuum excavation in the amount of material excavated.


    Due to the higher density in both the population and infrastructure of Manchester, it is imperative that projects are completed within a given time frame to reduce traffic disruption. Vacuum excavation is an accelerated and more accurate method, ensuring that the time and money spent on your project is used efficiently. Compared to more conventional methods, such as manual digging, the employment of vacuum excavation is crucial to reduce the disruption to local businesses, homes and services.  

    During an excavation, the quantity of material moved during this process is dependent on its weight and consistency. Whether it’s sand or heavy soil, suction excavation is the quickest, most efficient method of choice, especially when maneuvering between cables and underground utilities. Use the chart on the left to establish the quantity of material removed during this process when compared with manual excavation within a six-hour period.


    The potential of striking underground utilities and cables in major cities like Manchester drastically increases when compared with lesser populated areas. The subsequent damage and cost incurred is relative. If underground utilities are damaged, this could result in a larger detrimental effect than lesser populated areas, both to surrounding infrastructure and passers-by. 

    Vacuum excavation expunges the risk of environmental damage, health and safety and damage to surrounding infrastructure. This method allows for the operation of machinery and the removal of materials below the ground’s surface within a safe distance.  

    Suction excavators simply suck up the soil, reducing the labour intensive hours with a shovel and air hammer, both of which are more likely to cause damage. Suction excavators are up to 16 times more efficient than conventional methods and salvage the potential time taken from the otherwise cost-heavy manual labour. 

    VAC UK’s vacuum excavators are ready for immediate employment, allowing efficient project completion and are operated in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Our machinery provides an exponential level of industrial safety, requires little space for application and can remove debris from very small cavities.

    Suction excavation always results in a clean site and ensures that fewer machines and people are deployed per project. With vacuum excavation, Instead of three labourers, an excavator and a truck, you will only need the machine and its operators. Your carbon footprint is also considerably reduced and material extraction is more efficient and environmentally friendly.






    VAC UK’s suction excavators are built for safe and convenient operation from a distance. Our excavators are built with four moveable joints and have a reach of up to six metres. The suction hose is securely guided from the cover up to the suction crown and is then placed exactly in the suction point. The hydraulically powered joint hose carrier is the best solution for working within a distance of up to six metres. 

    The jointed hose carrier has a swivel range of 180° and is highly adaptable to any site condition. This allows projects to be carried out safely, even in the most limited circumstances regarding space. These hoses are designed specifically to work with heavy loads.


    If you are already working with a company for vacuum excavation in Manchester and operation space is restricted, VAC UK has several options for you. One option available is to employ a long hose. We are able to supply your project with up to 200 metres of long hosing, enabling suction even from the remotest of locations. Our hosing can be used to gain access to difficult and confined spaces. This helps to reduce the need for operators to place themselves in dangerous situations, unnecessarily risking their health and safety.

    Alternatively, your project could employ a remote-controlled unit that secures the suction excavator in the optimum position, without having to be adjusted by hand. This is the ideal option for hazardous sites.

    The number of ‘safety-related electrical incidents’ caused by underground cable, joint or link box damage reported under the requirements of the Electricity, Safety, Quality, and Continuity Regulations 2002 to the HSE.


    In major cities like Manchester, minimising your carbon footprint is compulsory. The Manchester City Council are currently developing new clean air plans and are introducing clean air zones across the city to tackle poor air quality and improve the overall health of its residents. To keep in line with these new initiatives, VAC UK provides a more environmentally friendly alternative for your project. Suction excavation is the perfect solution for those who have a vested interest in preserving their green credentials or decreasing their overall environmental impact.

    Suction excavation has many environmental benefits:

    • Damage to tree roots is vastly reduced when excess soil between roots and shrubbery is removed
    • Fewer lorries are required on the project site, reducing your carbon footprint 
    • The time efficient grab load diminishes both public and traffic disruption, minimising third party damage
    • The size of excavation sites are up to a third smaller when compared to other more traditional methods
    • Pedestrian access and traffic flow are increased due to reduced site size
    • The site is cleaner due to allocated sections for excavated materials to be tipped


    Environmental impact


    Suction excavation uses a highly powered blast of air to break down the materials on site. An air vacuum hose is then secured into the cavity to suck up the loosened substances, which are deposited into a specially designed tank. These are then stored, ready to either be removed off-site or deposited back for refilling upon completion.



    • Manual excavation is liable to strikes
    • The largest portion of utility strikes can be attributed to the use of hand tools, despite the administration of pre-excavation scans
    • A contractor was fined £600K, in 2017, when a subcontractor was injured from hitting an electric cable
    • Roughly around 4 million excavations take place every year, from installations to reparations of utilities 
    • The average utility strike costs around £30K, but costs can exceed into the millions  
    • There are approximately 12 deaths and over 600 serious injuries every year through contact with electricity cables



    • No need for manual handling
    • Extension tubes are made from p.e. pipe, reducing the likelihood of utility damage
    • Extension tubes insulate both our operators and the vacuum excavator whilst working in high risk or hazardous areas
    • The damage to underground utilities is decreased by over 60% when compared to traditional methods


    • Greater efficiency than manual labour
    • The workload of staff is significantly reduced
    • Excavation substances are easily collected and evacuated from the site regardless of consistency
    • Time from project start through to completion is greatly reduced


    • A third less space is required in comparison to that of a mini digger
    • Project sites are more compact and cleaner resulting in a reduction of waste and disruption
    • Stand-alone machine operation
    • Combine with soil engineering equipment impact moles keyhole liquid soil


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