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Welsh reservoir benefits from vac ex versatility

22nd Sep 2022

A covered reservoir in the heart of the South Wales Valleys is quite literally feeling the benefit of vacuum excavation’s versatility and its ability to deliver even in the most challenging situations.

It had become necessary to remove soil and detritus from the top of the water storage facility near Merthyr Tydfil to enable maintenance to take place. Concerns about the load-bearing strength of the reservoir cover meant that a traditional digger with supporting tippers could not be deployed and hand digging was proving inefficient and hugely time consuming.

Step in vac ex and its ability to run extended hoses. It enabled rapid progress to be made on stripping back the top material to expose the cover – all the while keeping the heavy machinery off the surface and so avoiding the load-bearing issue.

VAC UK Director Patrick Curran is seeing more and more situations where access or the nature of the site would present difficult constraints on traditional excavation solutions.

“With its small operational footprint and the ability for the heavy part of the machinery to work at a distance from the actual digging site, vacuum excavation is solving that problem,” he said.

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