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Our vacuum excavators now on You Tube.

2nd Aug 2020

VAC UK YouTube Channel

VAC UK has set up a new you tube channel.

Subscribe to get the latest videos of vacuum excavators working throughout the UK.

Please go to the VAC UK you tube channel and click on subscribe to get the latest videos of our Vac Ex(s) hired out across the country. On the video below VAC UK can be seen digging out 6 connection pits for one of the largest housing sites in Southern England last week.

Traditionally used in infrastructure and civil engineering projects, house building companies and their groundworks subcontractors are increasingly turning to the Vacuum Excavator as a safer, more environmentally friendly, cost effective and automated way to excavate on sites with existing utilities.

You can also see VAC UK’s suction excavators working throughout the UK on our Instagram page:

VAC UK are the UK’s fastest growing vacuum excavator specialist. We carry out operated vac ex hire throughout the country from offices in Manchester and London. We also have operational bases in Newport, Wales and Birmingham in the West Midlands.

VAC UK recently gained its FORs silver accreditation  and this will help VAC UK win more work within in the Highways, HS2, Water, Gas, Airports and Rail sectors .

Major contractors and public utilities are increasingly turning towards VAC UK due to our in house expertise and specialist knowledge and experience and also the reliability and technical excellence of our fleet and drivers.

VAC UK stock vacuum excavators from all the leading manufacturers and always have the best suction excavator available to suit our clients requirements.

VAC UK has thankfully found that our equipment has remained popular throughout the coronavirus epidemic as the vacuum excavator is ideal for getting work done whilst complying with the two metre social distancing rule.

The less people working on the site and the further away they are from each other the better from a coronavirus perspective.

There are many jobs including.

• Pipelaying
• Repairs of faulty and burst mains
• Shaft sinking
• Timber headings
• Exposing services
• Digging out of culverts and embankments
• And many other specialist civil engineering works

Where the use of a vac ex could be the differentiator for whether you can comply with the two metre rule or not.

VAC UK can supply up to 200m of hosing to enable the vacuum excavator to dig out of remote hard to access and confined locations without putting too many people too close together at risk and in close proximity to each other.

If you’re working on critical essential infrastructure in the water, gas, power, telecoms, airport, highways or rail sectors and want to know how VAC UK can help you comply with the 2 metre rule then feel free to contact us.

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