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Vacuum excavator extended hose in Milton Keynes

19th Aug 2020

Using a vacuum excavator is a more environmentally friendly way to dig around live utilities.

Vac UK working on major rail infrastructure project.

Vac UK’s has been working on a major rail infrastructure contract with East West Rail in the Midlands today.

This was an exciting job from a logistical challenge perspective.

We had to work next to the live railway line where the trains were going past at 125 miles per hour. We were helping to safely excavate, without damaging the existing cables, whilst the new electrification cables where being installed for the new railway bridge.

Completing this job meant that we had to work with three way radio between the COSS and the vac ex driver and the banksman. In additon we safely excavated in the hard to reach green fields surrounding the site helping to minimise the environmental disturbance with the use of 70m of flexible hosing attached to the digger.

Vacuum Excavator Hose Safety

This specially designed excavator attachment fits a flexible suction hose to the excavator. This enables the excavator’s hose to be safely positoned in remote and difficult to access locations. Vac UK have the largest fleet of Vac Ex’s fitted with specialised railway slew restricters. This stops the height or swing of the power arm of the vac ex from slewing over the live railway line.

We had these manufactured specially we have a lot of major rail civil engineering contracts in the pipleline. It’s great to see the rail civil engineering industry benefitting from the latest technological innovations in safe excavation.

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