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VAC UK supporting Road Safety Week 2023

22nd Nov 2023

Road Safety Week Poster.

We’re proud to be adding our support to Road Safety Week.

Between 19 and 25 November, we are joining thousands of schools, organisations, communities and individuals who are all doing their bit for road safety.

Why? Well, although we have amongst the safest roads in the world the figures for accidents and injuries are still alarming.

Road Safety Week Poster. I need to keep to my scheduleRoad crashes are devastating events for families, friends and communities. Road Safety Week gives us all the opportunity to remember people killed or injured on UK roads, and to raise funds to help organising charity Brake care for road victims and campaign for safe roads for all.

Road Safety Week to address statistic that speed is cause of death in 25% of fatal accidents

One in four fatal crashes (and there are an average of five every day) is as a direct result of people speeding so the message is very simple: Slow down.

Road Safety Week will sit alongside our No Harm initiative which we launched this year. No Harm encourages behaviours to minimise risk and promote health and safety – including while travelling to and from the workplace.

Martin Gallagher Head of Health Safety Environment and Quality compliance HSEQMartin Gallagher, Head of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality compliance (HSEQ), believes that it is the responsibility of everyone to behave in a mindful responsible way and never to underestimate the impact that doing something (or not doing it) could have.

“We encourage all the team to see No Harm as something which informs their working lives at every step, “ he said. “ We are very proud of the outstanding health and safety record at VAC UK and Kilkern and so it was an easy decision to sign up to RoadSafetyWeek.”

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