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Vac ex shows why it’s 1st choice for confined space excavation

23rd Apr 2024

Vac ex's capabilities again prove their worth in confined spaces

Vac ex again proved its worth and ability to get into those tricky, hard to reach places at a sub-station in Blackpool.

VAC UK was brought in to excavate the gravel backfill that had been used to insulate and firmly secure the power cables beneath the electrical cabinets in order that engineering work could take place.

The excavation site presented some access challenges so VAC UK’s team deployed one of our powerful RSP vac ex trucks fitted with a megaboom to get as close as possible to the substation and then used a 15m extension to reach inside.

Vac ex's capabilities again prove their worth in confined spaces

Vac ex's capabilities again prove their worth in confined spaces

Vac ex's capabilities again prove their worth in confined spaces

Sean Gallagher, VAC UK’s General Manager explained that that suction excavation is in increasing demand for this sort of confined space working.

There are a number of reasons,” he said. “The vacuum nozzle offers excellent manoeuvrability, even in the tightest spots, meaning that even quite complex digs can be easily dealt with quite easily; in the hands of our highly-trained operators there is very little chance of any damage to machinery or components; it is inherently safer than other forms of powered digging; and it offers little to no risk of any form of service strikes.

Changing thinking around vac ex

“We are seeing a real shift in hirers’ thinking around vac ex. It is no longer seen as something to be brought in to deal with fairly specific types of excavation but as a genuinely versatile tool that is first choice for many other applications.

“If you take this job in Blackpool as an example, you can see the benefits.  Unlike a mechanical digger the machine is able to get onto a site with a minimum of fuss – so you are dealing with one vehicle movement rather than at least two – which means there’s a carbon saving.

“There’s no need for spoil wagons because it can all be collected in the onboard skip – so there’s no mess and further carbon savings. And, of course, it is much, much quicker than hand excavation.

“We are seeing our fleet being hired for everything from trial holes to road sweeping and we anticipate that that demand will continue to grow.”

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