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Vac ex natural choice for 900 homes District Heating Network renewal

7th Dec 2023

VAC UK vac ex working on upgrade of the largest biomass-fuelled district heating network in Wales.

VAC UK’s vac ex specialists are working with a main contractor on an interesting job to upgrade the largest biomass-fuelled district heating network in Wales.

Supplying approximately 900 homes, the innovative system is fed by a 2500 kW biomass boiler burning sustainable, local woodchip to generate heat for the system. Thermal storage of 50,000 litres ensures a consistent delivery of heat and is backed by a further three 2,900 kW gas boilers provide energy during back up and peak heat demand conditions.

VAC UK vac ex working on upgrade of the largest biomass-fuelled district heating network in Wales.Excavating in ground conditions that mainly comprise sandy soil, the team has been exposing the original underground distribution pipework across the site ahead of its refurbishment or replacement.

As usual in built-up areas, the vac ex has more than proved its worth by being able swiftly to expose and work around other buried utilities and services without damage.

Also, the capabilities provided by the vacuum excavator’s reach and very tight digging area has meant that it has been possible to excavate right up to individual premises – saving time and reducing spoil and mess.

Vac ex ideal in a tight spot

According to Sean Gallagher, General Manager of VAC UK, the job provides a great example of how suction excavation can work in relatively constrained residential areas.

“It’s in situations like this that vac ex really comes into its own,” he said. “The small operating footprint, being able to work close to properties and the ability to negotiate other buried infrastructure with minimum risk are big benefits. They reduce disruption for existing residents, accelerate the speed at which jobs can be completed and make it easier to reinstate the working area.”

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