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Vac ex first choice to tackle damaged drain in North Wales

9th Nov 2023

A VAC UK vac ex working in High Street, Barmouth.

Enjoying the finest of the British seaside and weather in North Wales where one of our vac exes is exposing a damaged drain for repair.

Our VAC UK team has made a good start on the 3m x 2m excavation pit. Beneath the tarmac road surface, ground conditions are predominantly sand and stone so the vac ex has made short work of the initial dig. We’ve already uncovered a 6 inch gas main and a decommissioned 6 inch water main which has now been removed.

Contractors have started piling for the shuttering that will enable us to continue vacuum excavation to reach the 3.9 metre-deep drain and allow repairs to be carried out.

Vac ex ideal for the task

Working in the tight confines of the town’s streets, suction excavation offers several benefits including its small operating footprint; self-contained excavation and spoil containment to keep the site clean; and safe digging in urban areas which often have congested and poorly mapped utilities and services.

While there are no sea views from the site, you can just make out the Mawddach Estuary and the famous Barmouth Viaduct – the longest timber viaduct in Wales and one of the longest in the UK – in the background of one of the pics to the right of the suction excavator. The bridge is currently the subject of a major £30M restoration programme by Network Rail.

Director, Patrick Curran said, “In many ways this is a perfect job for a vac ex. Deployment is straightforward, despite the narrow streets, and using the excavator instead of a traditional digger is going to minimise disruption for residents and have significantly less environmental impact (see vac ex hire).”



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