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Tyneside vac ex job paves the way for 62 important new homes

27th Feb 2024

VAC UK vac ex carrying out trenching in Gateshead to expose utilities and services

VAC UK has been carrying out trenching in Gateshead to expose utilities and services ahead of a new housing development.

The team was working in Bensham, near the distinctive St Chad’s church, where 62 new affordable homes will be built.

The small footprint of the vac ex truck meant that it was possible to contain the working area without shutting the roads and the speed with which the vacuum excavator is able to dig out the trenches meant that there was no inconvenience caused for local businesses and residents.

VAC UK general manager Sean Gallagher also highlighted the vac ex’s ability to capture all the excavated material as a major benefit.

“The truck collects all the excavated material in its self-contained skip,” he said. “So there’s no issue with spoil or bringing in additional vehicles to transport waste away. It makes it ideal for use in urban locations like this.”

The site is made up of several parcels of land alongside Hyde Park Street which had previously been the location of Tyneside flats, community centre and shops, the last of which were demolished in 2016.

“The nature of the land and its former use meant that it was important to establish what services remained in the ground after the previous buildings had been demolished,” said Sean Gallagher. “Vac ex was ideal to uncover quickly and safely the utilities and communications connections that were still present.”

VAC UK vac ex carrying out trenching in Gateshead to expose utilities and services

Vac ex work will clear the way for new affordable housing in Bensham

It is understood that a total of 42 of the new homes will be managed by an affordable rental housing provider and the remaining 20 will be a mix of right-to-buy and shared ownership properties.

Gateshead Council cabinet member for housing, councillor John Adams said: “I am very happy about this. We have been pushing this for some time.

“I am particularly happy it is affordable housing, it is unusual to see a development with 100% affordable housing, proper homes, with gardens.

“We don’t have much social housing in this part of Bensham. I think it is all good news.”

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