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Top of the class for vac ex at new 3-16 school

23rd Jan 2024

A VAC UK vac ex team exposing high voltage cables at a new school in South Wales.

One of VAC UK‘s vac ex teams has been exposing high voltage cables as part of work on a new school in South Wales.

The new Pontypridd 3-16 school at Cilfynydd in Rhondda Cynon Taf is part of £15M investment in the existing high school site.

The project will create a brand new primary school area along with a new 3G sports pitch and a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). Elements of the existing school’s main building will be refurbished as part of the wider development, and the school car park will be reconfigured.

Working in rocky ground the team has made excellent progress making full use of the vac ex’s abilities. On what is a relatively tight site, the vacuum excavator’s small footprint provides good manoeuvrability and because the spoil is contained within the truck’s skip, it keeps the site clear, minimising impact on other operations.

A VAC UK vac ex team exposing high voltage cables at a new school in South Wales.


Safety first with vac ex

Sean Gallagher, General Manager of VAC UK, believes that the most compelling reason for deploying vac ex to expose high voltage cables is safety.

“Excavating electrical cables is a fundamentally hazardous exercise and it is vital that all reasonable steps are taken to minimise risk, “he said. “Suction excavation is far and away the safest means that can be deployed – the chances of a strike are hugely reduced.

A VAC UK vac ex team exposing high voltage cables at a new school in South Wales.

“That provides the reassurance that the excavation and those carrying it out will be safe and the knowledge that operations are very unlikely to be affected by a costly strike which can bring significant time and financial consequences.”

The new school is part of the Rhondda Cynon Taf Borough Council’s £75.6m investment in brand new education facilities across Greater Pontypridd. The investment is being jointly delivered with Welsh Government’s Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme, formerly the 21st Century Schools Programme.

Learners will be welcomed to the new facility which will be called Ysgol Bro Taf in September 2024.

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