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Safety First

4th Nov 2019

Vacuum Excavator Hire

Kilkern set up VAC UK last year and is investing ten million in an effort to reduce cable strikes across the UK. Whilst busy sucking up the earth we’ve been shocked to discover where people have actually laid the existing utilities. If you check the pictures below you can easily see it wouldn’t be a good idea to use a shovel or a 360 excavator to try to excavate the ground around these utilities. If you did you could damage the existing pipework or cause injury or potentially the death of a worker or a member of the public. Despite all the extra investment in the industry on health and safety, cable strikes have actually increased year on year.

The industry needs to use the latest advances in technology and put safety before cost to see improvements in health and safety performance. Looking at these pictures would you expect someone to have laid these electric cables so close to the surface of the ground? Would you have expected the cables to be left exposed? Would you expect someone to be asked to dig around these cables rather than hire a Vac Ex to safely suck up the earth from around the cables? You wouldn’t but people are still doing all these things as they’re putting cost before safety and in doing so endangering lives. Don’t let anyone make the same mistake on your job.

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