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Innovative vac ex reducer clears the channels at A1 bridge works

13th Mar 2024

Vac ex reducer clears the channels at A1 bridge works

VAC UK specialists dipped into the vacuum excavation toolkit to ensure the best set up for an essential channel clearing job near Doncaster.

The team had been brought in to clear loose aggregate from a 174m channel running alongside the carriageway on the Wentbridge flyover where it crosses the A1 near Carcroft.  It forms part of a repair and maintenance programme for the road surface and bridge.

The work was necessary to allow the metal backplate to be removed without damage before work started on the remainder of the concrete.

Kilkern, our civil engineering and highways specialism, is also working at the site removing the existing concrete verge, carrying out repairs and then reinstating the kerbs and verge.

The narrowness of the trench and the need to maintain good visibility throughout operations meant deploying a reducer on the suction nozzle. Effectively narrowing the hose allows for even more accurate operation than using the conventional head.

Vac ex reducer clears the channels at A1 bridge works

Delivering outstanding vac ex accuracy

The excellent accuracy and control also made it it possible to vacuum all of the material and safely contain it within the truck’s skip.   This ensured that we could carry out operations without a need to close the A1 as it passed below the bridge.

Sean Gallagher, VAC UK general manager, explained that the reducer was another example of the innovation that the business was bringing to vacuum excavation.

“We have designed and fabricated a number of bespoke attachments which increase the versatility of our vac trucks,” he said. “They include reducers which enable us to carry out high-precision operations, such as with this example at Wentbridge; extensions providing phenomenal reach; and road sweeping equipment.

“The long extensions are complemented by our BROKK demolition robot which can carry the hose into difficult to access excavations.

“Working with out colleagues at Longo, we have also introduced a unique cyclone system suitable for use to safely remove dangerous materials like asbestos.

“Our commitment to innovation and an extensive range of vac exes from all the main manufacturers, is helping us to achieve our goal of maintaining the best and most versatile vac ex fleet and operators in the UK.”

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