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First choice in Manchester for VAC UK

3rd Aug 2022

Congested underground services and utilities have meant that VAC UK has been a first choice at the exciting First Street development in Manchester.

VAC UK teams have been brought in to dig a series of 3-3.5 metre deep drainage trial holes prior to the installation of new main pipework to service the latest phase of the First Street development which has transformed the old Gaythorn Gas Works area immediately north of Mancunian Way.

Separately, VAC UK was also required to expose a 1200mm gas main at the corner of River Street.

VAC UK Director Patrick Curran said: “Unsurprisingly, given the area’s heritage, there are many utility pipes in the ground which need to be checked for redundancy so it is vital that they are safely exposed.

“Using vacuum excavation for the trial holes meant it was possible to confirm the routes of existing utilities and services without any risk of damaging them – crucial for safety and to avoid delays on the project.”

First Street is the city’s newest mixed-use destination neighbourhood and includes the iconic HOME multi-arts centre.

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