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Excavators double-up to tackle blocked culvert

21st Jun 2022

Deploying a mini-digger in tandem with a vacuum excavator proved a highly effective solution to clear a heavily silted watercourse in Oswestry in Shropshire.

A build-up of almost 600mm of silt had been blocking a small stream as if flowed through an 18mm culvert beneath the A5 near Oswestry. It regularly caused flooding, and presented a hazard, causing delays for motorists.

To clear the 18 metres of tunnel, the VAC UK workshop has fabricated an extra-long rigid suction nozzle which is connected to a flexible 15m extension hose from the vacuum excavator.

To manoeuvre the kit into place, the vacuum nozzle excavator is attached to the arm of a small, three tonne excavator. This provides sufficient extension to reach more than halfway through the culvert so it could be cleared from each side.

More than 100 tonnes of material was removed in the process.

“Vacuum excavation is tailor-made for this kind of job. The innovative long reach assembly provides access to even hard to get at places while removing risk because there is no need for man entry to the confined space,” VAC UK Director, Patrick Curran said.

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