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11 essential reasons why using a vacuum excavator is better for the environment

9th Oct 2020

11 essential reasons why using a vacuum excavator is better for the environment

1. A lower carbon footprint by using a vacuum excavator.

Using a vacuum excavator instead of more traditional digging methods means you can achieve the same results with fewer lorries and fewer pieces of heavy equipment on site. It’s not only more pleasant to be around, but also means your project’s carbon footprint is reduced. The planet benefits, and you’re staying in line with the UK Government’s strategy to halve construction’s carbon emissions by 2025.

2. A lot less dust

No matter what type of material you’re excavating, using vacuum excavation creates far less dust than other methods. Moving spoil around on open-top vehicles such as dumpers, excavators and lorries, or on conveyor belts, inevitably results in huge quantities of dust being released into the air. Vacuum excavation sucks all the spoil and dust directly from the excavation into the vacuum excavator itself, which is better for the environment, the general public and site workers. Hiring a vacuum excavator is a quick and easy way to help your site conform with the HSE’s current ‘Dustbuster’ campaign, cracking down on dust on site to reduce respiratory risks to workers.

3. Smaller excavations

Using a vacuum excavator can reduce the size of excavations by up to a third in comparison with traditional methods such as a mini digger, using less energy and creating a much smaller impact on the wider site and off-site environment as described by vac uk.

4. Smaller sites

Smaller excavations as a result of using a suction excavator instead of traditional methods lead to the knock-on effect of smaller construction sites altogether. Both pedestrian and road traffic can flow more freely, keeping everyone from commuters to neighbouring households and businesses happy. Add on the associated carbon savings of reduced idling vehicle traffic, and the environmental benefits are palpable.

5. Less spoil

Suction excavation is an extremely efficient method, targeting the exact areas needed and reducing spoil to the minimum necessary. Producing less spoil overall means that there is less that needs to be tipped or recycled, providing both and environmental and cost saving to any project.

6. Reduced risk of contamination

Traditional excavation methods are unavoidably messy. By contrast, vacuum excavators suck all spoil and dust away immediately and contain them. No excess spoil is left lying around with the potential to contaminate surface water or drains.

7. Grab loader efficiency

Having a grab loader hanging around site longer than necessary involves many potential hazards, from disrupting traffic to causing damage to third parties. Vacuum excavation makes it easy to use grab loaders far more efficiently, keeping any negative effects to an absolute minimum.

8. Tree preservation

Traditional excavation methods often cause irreparable damage to the roots of trees and shrubs, destroying the natural environment around an excavation site. The precision and accuracy of vacuum excavation allows you to remove the ground between trees and shrubs with minimal disruption, keeping your sites green on every level.

9. Less demolition work.

Vacuum excavators are ideally suited to hard-to-access sites. Instead of performing extra demolition works to bring heavy plant close to the excavation site – increasing your carbon footprint and the time and cost of your project – a Vac Ex fitted with a long hose can excavate remotely.

10. Reduced air pollution.

All vacuum excavators are not created equal. If you want to ensure you’re hiring an environmentally-friendly model, work with Vac UK Ltd. With the newest fleet of any UK vacuum excavation rental company, you’ll find the whole fleet have engines that conform to the new Euro 6 standards, reducing pollution and smoothing the way if you’re working within Ultra Low Emission or Clean Air Zones.

11. Increased productivity.

Vacuum excavation is a quick, precise, less invasive process than either hand-digging or using heavy plant. Couple this innate efficiency with the fact that suction excavation is also far safer, reducing time lost to damage or accidents, and a Vac Ex will increase productivity on site – benefitting the environment and your bottom line.

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