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Top 7 Tips For Safer Excavations

Excavation is one of the most dangerous jobs within the construction industry and ensuring the safety of your workers shouldn’t be taken lightly. Failing to properly secure a […]

Vac UK – Spring/Summer Newsletter 2020

We hope to create regular newsletters to keep everyone updated on recent developments happening at Kilkern and Vac UK. There have been many changes over the last couple […]

Types and Methods of Excavation

When it comes to excavating a site it can be hard to decide which method is the best for you. Selecting the wrong excavation method could make it […]

Vac UK in the City of London today

Vac UK in the City of London today. Vac UK have very powerful machines but our skilled drivers can get them into the tightest of spots. We can […]

Live in the City of London

Vac UK safely digging around the live utilities in the City of London today. When your digging up the streets in the financial capital of the world you […]

Environmentally Friendly Vacuum Excavation

We’re all looking to do our bit to save the environment. If you are digging around live utilities as well as being safer and often more cost effective, […]

Safety First

Kilkern set up Vac UK last year and is investing ten million in an effort to reduce cable strikes across the UK. Whilst busy sucking up the earth […]

Two New Additions

VAC UK get ready for another 2 additions to the family! Two state-of-the-art mega boom RSP vacuum excavators due to arrive mid-February.

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