Managing a Vacuum Excavator fleet is a specialist task. If you are considering purchasing a Vacuum Excavator and consult us early we can negotiate better acquisition and finance costs for you. Vac UK are the UK’s biggest investor in Vacuum Excavators. We will happily partner with you and manage your Vacuum Excavator fleet which will include:

  • Getting all the necessary accreditations in place for operating your vac ex fleet.
  • Recruiting the best Vacuum Excavation drivers.
  • Having a suitable training programme for the Vacuum Excavator Drivers.
  • Setting up a suitable scheduled maintenance programme for the Vacuum Excavator fleet.
  • Setting up the financial system to manage your vacuum excavator fleet including cash flow forecasting, ongoing fleet management, resale management and whole life asset management.

Rather than buy your own Vacuum Excavator it’s more efficient and cost effective to go through Vac UK and we will manage everything for you to make sure you see the real benefits of vacuum excavator ownership. By working with Vac UK you get to leverage our economies of scale and expertise in vacuum excavators.

Book an appointment to see how this could work for you and we will happily come to visit you and give you a detailed proposal.

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