Vacuum excavation has so much less of an environmental impact than its traditional mechanical counterparts so it?s a great choice for anyone with a vested interest in protecting their green credentials.

Environmental impact

Vacuum excavation has many environmental benefits over traditional, more disruptive methods –

  • Removes the ground between trees and shrubs – minimising root damage
  • Less lorries needed on site therefore reducing the carbon footprint
  • Grab loader is more time efficient – minimising disruption to public, traffic and greatly reducing third party damages
  • Size of excavation up to a third smaller than those using conventional methods
  • Sites are smaller improving pedestrian access and two way traffic flow
  • Excavated material is transported directly into the truck and tipped in an allotted zone so site is cleaner

It also reduces the need for manual hand digging, thereby lessening the associated health risks for construction workers on site.

Most importantly, for both industry operatives and the general public, vacuum excavation is exponentially faster than other excavation methods, which is essential for reducing disruption to homes, businesses and services.

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