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If you are planning on excavating as part of your development project then you need to ensure you don’t endanger your workers and cause unnecessary damage to any underground utilities. If you dig into a underground utility you can cause hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage and put lives at risk. Vac UK is part of Kilkern which also has a civil engineering contracting business. We have set up a specialised service to identifying underground utilities for you. You can call Kilkern or Vac UK and we will identify all the underground utilities in the vicinity of your development project. This service is popular with housebuilders, civil engineering contractors and also the public utilities. Vac UK will come out to your site and:

1. Use a the latest ground penetrating radar technology to establish where the live underground utility services are.

2 Consult with the utility providers and asset owners to check where they believe the live underground utility services are including water, electric, gas and telecomm.

3. Use the Vacuum Excavator to safely expose the live underground services so that they are not damaged. When we do this we often find that the services are not where the utility companies thought they were and also they are often not picked up accurately by the ground penetrating radar as no matter how good the ground penetrating radar is,its not 100 per cent accurate. Because of this vacuum excavation is the only safe way to expose the utilities without damaging the utilities or endangering life.

4. Put the necessary traffic management and also trench shoring in place so that the site is left safe for whatever the developer or the utility company plans to do next.

Often the above is carried out by the contractor repairing or replacing the underground utilities or by the developer looking to build a house or a block of flats or a commercial building. Usually these contractors are on a fixed price and want to get the first stage of their work over as quickly as possible so they can move unto the building work ahead of programme. This is one of the reasons so many cable strikes happen. Every year despite all the advances in Health and Safety more and more underground cables are being struck. If you want expose the earth around underground utilities and not damage them then call Vac UK.

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