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VAC UK are specialists in vacuum excavation.

Our hire fleet is committed to stocking vacuum excavators from all the leading manufacturers including MTS, RSP and Longo.

We offer short term vacuum excavator hire, long term hire vacuum excavator hire, vacuum excavator lease hire and also vacuum excavator sales.

We have the most modern and highest spec fleet of Vac Ex’s in the UK.

We are on the preferred supplier list to many of the UK’s largest civil engineering contractors and public utilities. We also supply small privately owned companies.

We work across the Gas, Water, Power, Telecoms, Rail, Highways, Airports, Nuclear, Construction, Civil Engineering and Utilities sectors.

We have offices and satellite depots throughout the UK, including in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

We are committed to having the highest standards in safety, quality and compliance in the industry.

All our vacuum excavators have skilled operators who are trained through our in-house training programme.

Vac UK are available 24 / 7



Vacuum excavation is a safer, more environmentally friendly and cost efficient method of excavating.

A vacuum excavator is a construction vehicle that removes heavy debris and material from a hole in the ground in urban and suburban areas. Fast excavation is guaranteed without the risk of affecting or damaging any unforeseen utilities.

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